Monthly Archives: December 2016

Stunning Slovenia

I first learned about Slovenia several years ago after signing up for a travel & tourism class in college and was amazed at its vast landscape.  The coastal city of Portoroz is actually a sister city to Indianapolis, Indiana (where Triptime is located).

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Hiking advice for everyone

8 Things to Help You Have a Great Hiking Adventure       1. Be diligent now so that you relax later – my list obsession ...It was after that hike in the Alps that my “list obsession” started. In the years to come, before every hike, I would make a list of everything I need…
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      BUNGEE BISCUIT DUNK (With Minimum Spillage) Are you headed to the U.K. to find a new thrilling adventure?  The bungee biscuit dunk has been done and the records have been broken.  This is a fun article on a man actually bungee jumping above a cup of tea and dunking a biscuit at…
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