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The Road Less Traveled: Hope

This week on #TRLT’s Twitter travel chat we’re exploring the idea of HOPE. We’d like you to share in the comments below your interpretation of the word HOPE or one of those special moments when your journey sparked, rekindling that warm, nourishing sense of hope in mankind.

The benefits of travel and the life lessons/tips you pick up on the road are of immeasurable value and can be utilized, enhancing your life.

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The Road Less Traveled: Dangerous Bridge Crossing Video

Original video by Savannah Grace

As seen in the "Roads Of The World" article, Savannah and her crew barely make it over this brittle bridge!  Watch this video to see what roads are like in Africa.

The Road Less Traveled: Roads of the World

This week on #TRLT’s Twitter travel chat we’re discussing  ROADS. Get ready to enjoy a stimulating and sometimes shocking ROAD PHOTO ESSAY that will take you around the world while you lounge in the comfort of your sofa! You’ll welcome the wind in your hair and the sand in your teeth while you traverse a road that will visually change your life.
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The Road Less Traveled: Top 10 Travel Tips From a World Traveler

This week’s topic on #TRLT’s Twitter Travel chat is LESSONS. Having traveled to 110+ countries over the past 12 years, I have learned an abundance of lessons by talking to locals, experiencing cultures first hand and most importantly, by making mistakes! The kind of life-changing knowledge you can gain from stepping into another person’s shoes on this amazing journey called life is priceless. But before you book that ticket and jump on to the next plane, train or bus, let me share a few basic tips you should apply to your daily travels.

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