Monthly Archives: May 2017

Finding FREEDOM Through Travel

Finding FREEDOM Through Travel Mt Everest at sunrise Freedom means many things to different people, to most it means the Fourth of July, thinking in terms of countries and citizens. I want to share with you today the story of somebody who was in “prison” and through travel earned their personal freedom that is so…
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Travel Authenticity

Travel Authenticity Backpacking from Guinea Bissau over to Guinea When travelling, it’s easy to become too focussed on the destination and forget the authentic experience you’re missing out on. When travelling to cities and sites with a heavy tourism factor, something in the mentality of both locals and visitors alters, wiping out the genuine interactions…
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5 BEST National Parks for Wildlife Experiences

5 BEST National Parks for Wildlife Experiences I’ve trekked National Parks the world over and not one has disappointed me. Through the U.S.A’s Zion, Yellow Stone and The Grand Canyon to Peru’s Tambopata Amazon rainforest, the earth is teaming with spectacular natural wonders preserved by National Parks. Bold adventures demand dependable travel partners. Point Comfort…
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