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TEXTURES of TRAVEL Travel is all about enhancing the senses. In its basic form travel is about going on a wild ride to discover textures of the world. Watch the waves crash and foam on sandy shores as you journey coast to coast, marvel at the jagged peaks of barren ridges in Pakistan, admire the…
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Tips to Visiting the REAL Disney Castle – Neuschwanstein

Tips to Visiting the REAL Disney Castle - Neuschwanstein I must confess that before visiting I knew very little about Neuschwanstein castle. Neuschwanstein, meaning New Swanstone Castle, Ludwig’s love for swans is very apparent with the many swan decorations and carvings placed throughout the entire castle.        This castle seems to be full of inspiration. King Ludwig II…
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Baby is here!

Baby is here! Tripp Alexander Kleef born at 08:28 on 08-28-207. He's adorable, healthy and perfect. Adventure Adventure does not always have to be a grand round the world trip, an excursion to the top of mount Everest or a sailing trip across oceans. Some may envy others’ adventurous lifestyles but adventure is truly in…
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