Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Beautiful Faces You’ll Meet in the ‘S#*thole Countries’

Travel can be as mild as an all-inclusive in the sun or as wild as a camping trip in of a foreign country where locals do not speak your mother tongue. I bet for many people when they think of “Extreme Travel”, there’s one word that pops up; “danger!” Over the past decade I’ve encountered…
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Our Dream Vacation Through the ‘S#*thole’ Countries

A few days ago, as my family and I passed through Immigration at Boston Logan, the agent who took my passport opened it at the back, and I watched as he thumbed the pages all the way to the front to find evidence of my travels.  A whopping four stamps, Canada, the Bahamas, and now…
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My First Travel Experiences

Exhausted trekking in Nepal My first travel experience was the biggest transformation of all. Aside from family camping trips through the USA as a child and local tourist attractions near Vancouver, Canada, I was a complete travel virgin. Nothing could have prepared me for the first travel adventure I was about to embark on in…
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