About Us

About Point Comfort Underwriters, Inc. (PCU)


One size doesn’t always fit all. At PCU we recognize the complexities facing international organizations and travelers. We know that one solution rarely fits the needs of many. That’s why we formed PCU, to provide tailored insurance products and delivery systems that empower customers in new and innovative ways.

As the Lloyd’s Coverholder and Plan Administrator for Triptime International Travel plans, PCU provides world class customer service from its headquarters located in the international insurance center of Indianapolis, Indiana. Staffed with a dedicated team of medical, technical and insurance professionals, PCU provides care to its customers 24/7/365.

And, PCU is pleased to provide all Triptime customers with their own personalized Triptime Travel Management Portal –myPointComfort- accessible from any desk top or hand held device. So if you need to report a claim, obtain a new Identification Card or a copy of your policy, or purchase Triptime Top Up Days, PCU is just a click away.

About Lloyd's of London (Insurer)


Lloyd’s is the world’s only specialist insurance and reinsurance market that offers a unique concentration of expertise and talent, backed by strong financial ratings (A+ by Standard & Poor’s) and international licenses. It is often the first to insure new, unusual or complex risks, providing innovative insurance solutions for local, cross border and global risks. Its strength lies in the diversity and expertise of the brokers and managing agents working at Lloyd’s, supported by capital from across the world. In 2015, more than 90 syndicates are underwriting insurance and reinsurance at Lloyd’s, covering all lines of business from more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Lloyd’s is regulated by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and Financial Conduct Authority.

For more information: www.lloyds.com

About FTMA


Triptime Travel INSURANCE is available to members of the Frequent Traveler Marketing Association. Headquartered in Fishers, Indiana this Association has provided products and services to the travel industry since 1992.

If you are not already a member of FTMA, you may join when you purchase Triptime.

For more information: www.the-ftma.org

Why Us


Buy Only What You Need.
Don't pay for gimmicks, gadgets, or extra days that you'll never use. Travel insurance in tune with you for pennies a day.


Benefits and Limits to Fit Your Lifestyle.
Triptime coverage options are so simple and flexible, you won't believe how easy it is to find the plan that is the perfect fit.


Financial Security, Quality Healthcare, and Expert Administration.
Lloyd's of London is the largest and oldest insurance marketplace in the world and they have received an A+ rating from Standard & Poors'.


Two Words : TOP-UP
You've purchased a Triptime Insurance plan from a previous trip, and now you're ready for another adventure. Just logon to your personalized myPointComfort webpage to purchase additional days. Top-up with one click.