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Triptime® Global Top 50 Places to Travel in 2017

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Welcome back to Global Top 50, where  Triptime® Insurance showcases lesser known travel destinations from all around the globe.  Our goal is to bring each reader some insight such as food, culture, and adventure.  We hope to inspire YOU to travel more!  No matter where you are from, there are so many outstanding places on this planet to discover and explore.  Life is too short to stay put.  Get out and travel!  Of course, no trip should go uninsured.  Manage your risk with Triptime® Insurance, your preferred mobile option.

City life:  A view of downtown Perth from Swan River.  Note that Perth's skyline is the same as our Global Top 50 Cover photo!

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Triptime® Insurance jets all the way across the globe from Veracruz, Mexico to Perth, Australia.  This Western Australia capital city boasts roughly 2 million people and is still growing faster than any other capital city in Australia.  With growth comes new, exciting things to do and great new restaurants and cafés. The food scene is Perth is booming and tourists have a plethora of cuisine selection. If finer dining is on your brain, Perth has nationally recognized restaurants which have earned prestigious food awards.  Recognized not only by Aussies, international food experts have also noticed.  City life is absolutely one of the great draws to this city, but Perth has so much more to offer than the options within the city limits.  This is a fantastic location for outdoor enthusiasts and the adventures here is one of the top reasons why Triptime® Insurance chose this as a Global Top 50 Places to Travel destination.

Testimony from a Perth Native

Triptime® Global Top 50 had the privilege of interviewing Perth native and former professional athlete and local celebrity, Tully Bevilaqua.

"Perth is one of the most beautiful cities in the world situated on the West Coast of Australia where you will find some of the best beaches also in the world. Perth residents are very laid back and there is such a great mix of outdoor activities and nightlife to suit all. With the warm summers you will find most people flocking to the water with Cottesloe Beach being a personal favourite. Fish and chips is a must to (have), and for the adults a nice cold beverage at the Ocean Beach Hotel (OBH) overlooking Cottesloe Beach is a great way to relax and unwind.  Kings Park is a beautiful place to go walking with majestic night views over the city.  Sport is a huge part of the culture in Perth with representation in Australian Rules Football, Cricket, Netball, Basketball, Soccer and Rugby just to name a few. If you are a nautical lover then Fremantle and Hillary's Boat Harbour are worth venturing around with also many water activities including diving to be found in many places. Rottnest Island is just a 45 minute ferry ride away where you can hire bikes, venture around the island, swim and then eat at local restaurants whilst making friends with the local quokkas of the island. Well worth a day spent there!!  Perth is a thriving city which will appeal to all travelers ...... you may not want to leave!!"

-Tully Bevilaqua

Climate and Beaches  

Cottesloe Beach

Western Australia has many incredible beaches to visit with bright white sand, and turquoise-blue waters. We will showcase two of the most popular in this article, Cottesloe and Cable Beach.  Arguably the most popular beach in Perth, Cottesloe Beach shows off its ivory colored sand and blue-green water.  Enjoy a beach adventure while lying on a white, sandy beach soaking up the sun, and enjoying a nice drink.  Cottlesloe Beach (along with many other Perth beaches) has plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes at your disposal. Snorkeling and surfing are just a few of the many water activities.  Don't forget your sunscreen and shades while you experience one of the best beaches in Australia.

Cable Beach/Broome

Head far north in Western Australia to picturesque Cable Beach.  This is annually recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world!  Now this is a long way away from Perth, and is actually in the city of Broome, approx. a 2.5 hour flight each way.  If you have the time, it may be worth the extra trip.  What's in Broome/Cable Beach? For one, you get a chance to take an evening beach ride sitting camelback!  Yes, we said camels. Not exactly what a tourist would expect in Australia, but a cool experience nonetheless. Learn more about how camels came to Australia: Camel History.  You've witnessed one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and rode a camel, so what else is there?  How about going to see real fossilized dinosaur footprints!  If you head to the south end of Cable beach to Gantheaume Point, you will see a host of footprints of ancient dinosaurs.  Don't forget to recharge your batteries by stopping at a local restaurant, such as Green Mango Cafe, for breakfast or lunch. Here's a list of top food spots according to  Food in Broome.

        Did you know?

The average yearly temperature in Perth is around 80 degrees with the daily temperature ranging from 60 to 100 degrees with little or no humidity.  Summers usually reach around 90 degrees or hotter, daily.  

Cottlesloe Beach is great for surfing and snorkeling.  Notice the white beach and amazingly blue and turquoise water.


Be sure to book your camelback sunset ride on Cable Beach.  Camels are prevalent here due to the mediterranean climate year-round.

Blue sky, white sand, turquoise water. It's easy to see why Cable Beach is regarded as one of the world's most beautiful coastlines.

At the south end of Cable Beach, in Gantheaume Point a dino footprint is visible during low tide.

Trees Adventure, Family Excursion 

Try your hand climbing rope-ladders, rope-bridges, or zipline high in the trees.  Climbing is available up high in the trees or near the ground.  Trees Adventure Park is a great adventure to spend with kids and family.  There is also a kids obstacle course designed for kids of all ages.  The park opened in December 2015 and is one of the newest and most popular Perth attractions.  For more information click:  Lane Poole Park,

High in the trees, these obstacles range from easy to difficult.

Here you can see the different height levels to climb.

This is always a blast for kids.


The only indoor activity on this list, is still a great adventure to experience.  Skydive simulation...  What a rush!

Kings Park

One of the largest inner city parks in the world, Perth's Kings Park is a great spot to visit while in the city.  As recommended by Perth native, Tully Bevilaqua, we take a visual look at King's Park.  Read about King's Park

Fraser's Restaurant is a popular spot to eat in King's Park. Visit frasersrestaurant

Skybridge pathway in King's Park!

Rottnest Island: More Beach, More Sun! 

Rottnest Island is an excellent destination for a day trip/ jaunt while in Perth.  Here, there are a plethora of outdoor activities to choose from.  The best way to explore the island is by hopping on your bike.  Bike rentals are readily available all day.  Pedal over to a beach and snorkel.  Test your inner adventure spirit by booking a skydive trip.  Enjoy the many restaurants or bars.  This is simply a great way to get away from the bustle of the big city of Perth and get a taste of true island life.  There are 3 main way to travel to the island:

  1. Air taxi,  Only about a 12 minute flight each way.
  2. Boat:  Rent a boat and make your own way to Rottnest.
  3. Ferry:  Depending on where you take a ferry from, a ride can take 25-90 minutes.

*For those looking to relax in a different manner try the local spa or visit the country club. Also, there's mini-golf and a water park to check out.

For more information click:

Aerial shot of Rottnest Island, only 20 miles (33 km) from Perth.

Not too many places in the world have water with this color or clarity.

Snorkeling here is a great idea.

More white sand and emerald green clear water.

Where's Perth?

Plan your trip to Perth!  Click Experience Perth

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