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Follow Your Genome, DNA Travel in 2018

Adventure travel isn’t always about jumping off cliffs, carving powder, or paddling whitewater. A deep and abiding adventure can begin with a simple DNA test. Companies providing inexpensive and accurate DNA testing are multiplying rapidly. Make sure you select a reputable organization like the ones below: FamilyTree DNA: best for genealogists, YDNA and mtDNA tests…
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Landmarks The-Vatican-Landmarks 11 Incredible LANDMARKS That Live Up To Their Hype An avid traveler, I am always after the real “gems” of the world. Most often, I try to discover places few who came before me have. I’m searching for the real memorable, the spiritual, the heavy impact landmarks. I avoid sticking to the mainstream,…
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Diversity Natural Diversity of Peru Today on Twitter we’re going to delve into DIVERSITY on “The Road Less Travelled” (#TRLT). Because Peru is so diverse and multi ethnic, combining multiple heritages, they consider they are citizens of a national group rather than part of a heritage. The cuisine, the fashion, the historical one-of-a-kind gems, anywhere…
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