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Pt. 2: 10 Travel Adventures Awaiting you in 2017! (6-10)

Adventures 6-10 Awaiting you in 2017!

Savannah Grace, featured blogger


6.   Bungee Jumping in South Africa

1-2-3 JUMP! Previously the highest bungee jump in the world “Face Adrenaline Bungy”  now stands as the fifth highest. Shuffle your tightly tied feet towards the edge of the platform until your toes are hanging over the edge and prepare to take the ultimate leap. Taking the plunge into the 216 metre (709ft) canyon from Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa will leave you breathless and get adrenaline pumping through your body. 

7. Sand Boarding and Buggy Ride in Peru’s Huacachina Sand Dunes

Sand dunes have never been more exciting! I’ve ventured to deserts and sand dunes across three continents ranging from USA’s Great Sand Dunes and riding camels in the Sahara Desert but if you want to get your heart racing, Peru’s Huacachina MUST be on your list. The main attraction is sand boarding, but it is the JOURNEY that makes this adventure so unforgettable. This wild and out of control roller coaster of a buggy ride up and over steep mountains of sand will have you instantly screaming! Be sure to snag the front seat!

8.  Fly into Suriname’s Amazon Rainforest

It’s impossible to grasp the sheer density and vastness of the Amazon until you see it from the air! Squeeze into a tiny 18-passenger airplane from Suriname’s capital city, Paramaribo, and marvel out the window as the big city disappears within minutes. Below is a chocolaty river weaving its way through a blanket of green. After an hour you could be landing in Palumeu or Kabalebo on a tiny grass strip posing as a runway.

Macaws screech and fly overhead as you cruise down the Amazon in a canoe. Get your camera ready as you hunt for crocodiles, capybara, tapir and the infamous anaconda lurking in this loud tropical rainforest. And be sure to swim, fish and eat piranha straight out of The Amazon!

9. Sleepover with African Wildlife in Zambia 

Have you ever dreamed of being Mowgli or Tarzan? At Flatdogs Camp your dreams will be granted. Sleep in a tent on treetop platforms or right on the ground with nothing more than the thin fabric of your tent separating you from some of Africa’s most dangerous animals. Hear the hippos grazing and crunching on fallen flowers scattered around your tent. Armed guards are ready at hand to bring you to the toilet in the middle of the night, protecting you from wild, nocturnal predators. During the day, venture into the nearby South Luangwa National Park to spot the Big Five. And seriously, what beats sitting and eating your breakfast while wild giraffes and elephants stroll right past your picnic table?!

10. Winter Sports in Leukerbad, Switzerland

Experience life above the clouds on the slopes in Leukerbad. Feel the chilly wind brush your cheeks and the fire in your legs as you propel through the snow. The best part is relaxing after a day in a frozen, white heaven in the natural thermal baths (28-43C)  at your hotel! Leukerbad is the largest thermal spa resort in the Alps, so take advantage and sooth your soul after a this year full of adventures.

 Pt 1: Adventures 1-5


Meet Featured Writer Savannah Grace!

Bio: Savannah Grace is a 26 year old Canadian, Dutch resident who has visited 100+ countries. She is the bestselling author of the family-travel memoir series Sihpromatum which includes "I grew my Boobs in China" and "Backpacks and Bra Straps."
Founder of #TRLT (The Road Less Traveled), one of the top Twitter travel chats in the world and known in the travel community as the youngest centurion world traveller and author, she's been documenting her travels and inspiring others to follow their dreams for the past 10 years.  Stay tuned to our blog as Savannah will contribute weekly posts for Triptime Insurance.  We are ecstatic at our partnership with such a talented young woman.


Visit her website sihpromatum.com to see what she's up to!

Look for her on Social Media:



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