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Travel is all about enhancing the senses. In its basic form travel is about going on a wild ride to discover textures of the world. Watch the waves crash and foam on sandy shores as you journey coast to coast, marvel at the jagged peaks of barren ridges in Pakistan, admire the smooth finish Mother Earth as her calmness washes over the early morning waters mirroring India’s history in their depths, smell the rich coffee roasting in Ethiopia and feel the creamy ashes under your fingers as you lift the rusted pot from the flames, touch the rough surface of ancient stone walls in Pompeii, hear the textured blend of crickets and toads making music deep in the Amazon Rainforest, taste an award winning Dutch cake in an alleyway street cafe in the centre of Amsterdam. Find textures and patterns on African safari, historic steps through Europe and glide through the smooth waters as you canoe on Canadian lakes. Feel the texture of gravel, tarmac, stones, grass and earth as you traverse diverse roads all over the globe.

Food, art, history, faces, animals, fabric…textures are everywhere. Enjoy this collection of photos, taken in more than a dozen countries, a mere taste of the textures waiting for you to discover too.


Every tuesday we discuss a new travel topic on Twitter’s #TRLT (The Road Less Traveled) travel chat and you’re invited to join us this week for a chat on TEXTURES. Search the hashtag #TRLT on Twitter to find us and don’t forget to include the hashtag #TRLT in your tweets to participate with fellow travellers. I am there each and every Tuesday hosting with fellow founder and friend Shane Dallas (public speaker, visited 100+ countries, currently living in Kenya) and amazing travel host, and good friend, Jessica Lipowski (accomplished author and “foodie” in USA) and host Anton Magnin (specialist in family travel in South Africa).

Safe travels

Savannah Grace

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